Founded in 1859, by António Alves Cálem, Porto Cálem was by this time dedicated only to wine
exports to Brazil in exchange of exotic woods and by means of its own fleet. In fact, those activities
are still remembered today through Porto Cálem brand logotype where a caravel stands for this proud

Porto Cálem was kept in the family for four generations, always developing business around quality
Port wines, from which resulted high recognition all over the world. Porto Cálem product range has
granted along its history an outstanding number of prizes and awards, especially on the Premium
Vintages, Late Bottled Vintages and Aged Tawny. The first Vintage Port ever produced by Porto Cálem
was the Vintage Port 1870 and the initial awards include Medals from Bordeaux, Marseille and Brussels
1897 wine competitions.

Our feature wine is the Old Friends White Port because there are not many of this style available in
Australia and it is perfect for a wide range of cocktails and mixed drinks from aperitifs through to after
dinner drinks.

The Tawny port is aged in large oak casks to mature before bottling. The Ten Year Old Port results from
blending a selection of old and young ports blended to an average age of ten years.

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The history of the Gilbert family comes across with the Port Wine when the eminent wines merchant
Karl Gilbert, born in France in 1875, marries his cousin Nanni Burmester, strengthening the
commercial link between the two families. In 1952, in honour of this active and passionate vintner,
the first lots of Gilbert Ports were produced and bottled, the main exports of which were destined
for the United Kingdom. The range of Gilberts Ports was reformulated in 2001 and thus came out the
first Port Wine brand of the 21st century, rethought and redesigned for the modern and cosmopolitan
consumer, who demands new approaches and sensations.

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