CAPI Water

The CAPI brand was born from a simple idea to produce clean, natural carbonated refreshments. In a world full of mass-production, CAPI wanted to defy the norm through it’s craftsmanship, quality ingredients and outstanding drinks.

Taking on the sourcing and blending responsibilities ourselves we have secured the finest natural extracts and  botanicals; working with latitudes, climates, seasonality and exotic locations. Our commitment extends to our blending and manufacturing practices where we don’t use preservatives. By keeping our mixers pure and clean, you have the ability to taste the true profile of the spirit and ultimately can enjoy a better finished wter

The dedication in creating an outstanding drink extends to our Mineral Water that is naturally purified, carbonated and bottled at the source. This has resulted in a vast range of success and critical acclaim, including CAPI being voted #1 Australian Mineral Water and the World’s best water.


Still Mineral Water 250, 500 & 750mls

Sparkling Mineral Water 250, 500 & 750mls


Ginger Ale 250, 750mls

Ginger Beer 250, 750mls

Lemonade 250mls

Cola 250mls

Soda 250mls

Tonic 250, 750mls

Dry Tonic 250, 750mls


Blood Orange 250mls

Cranberry 250mls

Lemonade 250mls

Yuzu 250 mls

Grapefruit 250mls