Barossa Valley

Red 5 Star Rated Winery – By James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion 2018

To anyone that has met Kym Teusner and Mick Page, it would come as no surprise to discover that Teusner
Wines was conceived over a few beers at the local pub. An overseas study trip and a few vintages working
for other wineries back home had filled them both with a love for old vine Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz.
Then a chanced overheard conversation between a couple of Barossa grape growers about an old vineyard
facing the chop demanded they come up with a rescue plan. Scratching together a bit of cash, the fruit
found a new home, the old vines stayed in the ground where they belonged and Teusner Wines came to life.

Teusner’s philosophy comes down to three simple words. True. Righteous. Pleasure.

Be true to the growers and reward their hard work by paying them well. Let the righteous flavours found
in the old Barossa vineyards take center stage in the wines. Bring pleasure to those that put their hand in
their pocket to buy them. It’s a simple approach, but one that has gained Teusner an army of fans and had
the commentators and critics singing the praises of his wines as modern day benchmarks for the Barossa.








2010 MC Sparkling Shiraz
Gold – Royal Adelaide Wine Show
94 Points – By Tyson Stelzer
94 Points – By James Halliday

2017 Empress Riesling
95 Points – By James Halliday

2015 Woodside Sauvignon Blanc
92 Points – By Gary Walsh

2017 Salsa

2016 Independent Shiraz Mataro

2016 Riebke

2016 Bilmore Shiraz

2015 The Wark Family Shiraz

2016 The Gentleman Cabernet Sauvignon

2015 Dog Strangler Mataro
96 Points – By James Halliday
94 Points – By Campbell Mattinson

2017 Joshua Grenache Mataro Shiraz

2015 Avatar Grenache Shiraz Mataro

2015 Big Jim Shiraz

2015 Albert Shiraz


2011 Mataro
96 Points – By Tyson Stelzer
94 Points – By James Halliday
92+ Points – By Robert Parker 2014

2011 Grenache
94 Points – By James Halliday
92 Points – By Huon Hooke

2010 FG Shiraz
96+ Points – By Robert Parker 2014
96 Points – By Tyson Stelzer
95 Points – By Huon Hooke
94 Points – By James Halliday

2012 FG Shiraz
96 Points – By James Halliday