Vinedos de Mancuso

The Mancuso project was founded as a joint venture by two names strongly linked to the world of
wine, the Navascues – in Jorge from Aragon and Carlos San Pedro from La Rioja. Jorge Navascues
has sought out the best dry grown, high altitude, low yielding Grenache in the hills surrounding
his bodega. The wine displays the enormous potential of Grenache grown in the right conditions
and reflects the rugged nature of the terrain and the sweet smelling wild herbs that grow there in

The vineyard is spread over 9 hectares grown in the foothills of the mountainous Moncayo Massif in
the province of Zarragoza. It is cold and windy and stark in some places, the average temperature is
12o , but garnacha grown here is rich but elegant and classy with acid and tannins enough to cope
with lashings of American and French oak aging. The vines grow on steep slopes on soil that is not
very fertile but is rich in organic matter. The vines range in age from 50 years to 80 years of age and
crop at the measly 1.5 tonne to the hectare. The wines are vinified and matured in a small but modern
winery and only two wines are made – both Garnacha – The Mancuso at 3000 cases (6) and Moncaino
at 7500 cases (6).

Jorge and Carlos respect the Garnacha grown in this area and to that end are intent on preserving the
respected reputation of the grape in this area that is decreasing in area due to depopulation and the
socio economic change affecting rural regions in Spain. These are classy wines that make great food

2007 Moncaino