Mano a Mano

Vino de la Tierra Castilla

This spectacular winery in Alambra in Ciudad Real in the terroir of La Mancha was unveiled in 2007.
The soil is the reason that the winery committed themselves to purchasing 95 hectares (228 acres)
of vineyards, located at an altitude of 660 meters (1980 ft) above sea level, with an average age of 40
year old vines.

The sandy soils (up to 1 metre in depth) have an underlayment of large river stones, with a lot of iron,
clay, and chalk. The vines produce very low yields of 1-2 kgs of grapes per vine. Winters are very cold;
summers are hot with cool nights and it is a very arid climate.

The Spanish enologist, Rafael Cañizares seeks to achieve the maximum expression of the Tempranillo
grape grown in this environment. After very careful vineyard selections, only the best vines of
Tempranillo grapes are hand harvested.

The winery produces several wines, all from Tempranillo, the top ones are Venta la Ossa.
We have chosen the Mano à Mano label because it offers rich flavoursome fruit, soft tannins and
offers great value.












2014 Mano a Mano
Four ½ Stars – Winestate Magazine 2014
90 Points – Guia Penin