Dominio de Atauta

Dominio de Atauta is situated in the south-east of the ‘Ribera del Duero’ DO. A spectacular winery
located in the province of Soria based on free-flow gravitational principles. The wines made from dry
grown, pre-pyhollexera vines aged 120-160 years old have attracted international acclaim.

The winery, founded in 1999, is in a hill in Atauta´s valley built on a rock formation with four
elevations and is operated with the minimal use of pumps. It is located 4.5 miles south of San Esteban
de Gormaz by where an impetuous Duero River runs. One of the peculiarities of Atauta is the high
altitude vineyards, which are located between 900 and 1000 metres above sea level and allow for a
slow maturation.

More than 600 vineyard plots worked with great care and without chemical treatment and amongst
which the youngest have no less than 60 years while others are reaching a century and a half. Names
such as La Mala, Valdegatiles, La Roza, Llanos del Almendro Palomar or San Juan are examples of a
style ranging from subtle, powerful and mineral to the hues of the wild terrain provided by each plots´
geological composition whether it be sand, silt, clay or limestone and according to the thickness of
the subsoil.

2007 La Mala
94 Points – Guia Penin
92 Points – By The Wine Advocate

2007 Valdegatiles
97 Points – Guia Penin
93 Points – By The Wine Advocate