New Zealand

CARRICK Central Otago

Nestled at the southern end of one of the broad glacial river valleys surrounded by the Cairnmuir
and Carrick mountain ranges, Carrick is situated within the unique micro climate of Bannockburn
in Central Otago. Carrick is certified Bio-GroNZ organic. Vineyards are managed sustainably and
yields are low. In order to produce exceptional wines; pruning, shoot positioning, shoot and fruit
thinning, leaf plucking and picking are carried out by hand. There is extensive use of cover crops to
encourage natural biodiversity and useful insects and we are rewarded by the numbers of beneficial
birds that live in the vineyards. The “must” from the winery along with other organic material is
composted and fed back to the vineyards. The compost heaps are also the territory of our free range
hens who roam the vineyard and provide eggs for the restaurant.

The Pinot Noir is Carrick’s flagship wine. The Pinot Noir grape blocks are picked as the winemaker
determines, by taste and ripeness. Each parcel is fermented separately following a cool soak in open
fermenters using wild yeasts and usually with a proportion of whole bunches. The grapes are hand
plunged several times a day until the wine is dry. The winemaker then determines the optimum
time for the wine to go to barrel. This is probably one of the most important stages in winemaking
and is a process that should not be hurried. The wine is gravity fed to the French oak barrels in the
underground cellar, where they are aged for 12 months. Bottling follows tasting, assessment and

Other varieties include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling. Key figures are
Principal, Steve Green, Winemaker, Francis Hutt and Viticulturist, Blair Deaker.

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MILLS REEF Tauranga/Hawkes Bay

Mills Reef Winery was established in 1989 by the Preston family. Through commitment and dedication
to excellence, the Mills Reef brand has established itself as one of New Zealand’s premium labels with
a particular reputation for outstanding Bordeaux varietal reds and Syrah.
The winery is located on 20 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds in a semi-rural setting, just 5
minutes drive from Tauranga’s CBD. The complex boasts full winemaking and bottling facilities, two
underground barrel cellars, an aged wine cellar, and spacious wine tasting areas. An award winning
150 seat restaurant completes the picture, providing a wonderful ambience for a-la-carte dining,
weddings, functions and conferences.

Mills Reef Winery is one of New Zealand’s leading Gimblett Gravels producers, having won over 500
medals and 16 trophies in national and international competitions, along with being twice recipient
of the prestigious New Zealand Winemaker of the Year Award. The Gimblett Gravels district is strictly
determined by the gravely soils laid down by the old Ngaruroro River in Hawkes Bay, exposed after
a huge flood in the 1870’s. The temperatures in the Gimblett Gravels are between 2 and 3 degrees
Celsius warmer than in other Hawkes Bay areas. This extra heat combined with gravely soils ensure
ripe full flavoured grapes. Gimblett Gravels is continually producing New Zealand’s top Syrah and
Bordeaux varietals.

Mills Reef Winery is proud to be a fully-accredited member of Sustainable Wine New Zealand, which
embrances key principles that safeguard the environment, both in the vineyard and throughout the
winemaking process. All of our practices acknowledge the importance of judicious use of energy
resources and careful management of waste products.

Our winemaking team, led by Tim Preston and Paul Dawick, both share the philosophy of a handson,
no expense spared approach, to producing fine award-winning wines under three different tiers.

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MOMO Marlborough

‘Offspring’ in Maori, Momo reflects its heritage as part of the Seresin family – wines grown naturally
to express the season and land from which they come. Momo wines are made using grapes from
Seresin’s three biodynamic vineyards and, for some wines, grapes are also selected from a dedicated
grower’s vineyard which is in conversion to organics. From these roots, Momo has developed its own
identity, embracing traditional winemaking to produce wines which are true to variety and reflect the
essence of their fruit characters.

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SERESIN Marlborough

Located in the central pocket of the Wairau Valley, the home property – winery, cellar door and a 45
hectare vineyard certified organic and biodynamic is made up of alluvial, free-draining Waimakariri
soils. The land is planted with Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and
Riesling. Olive groves, orchards, and vegetable gardens are an important part of the vineyard and add
to the diversity of the Estate.

The sentinel stone at the entrance to our Home Vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand, signals the
path to both our winery and our philosophy. The stone bears a subtle handprint, a symbol of strength,
gateway to the heart, tiller of the soil and the mark of the artisan. Organically and biodynamically
grown, hand-tended and hand-picked, the grapes from our estate are handmade into wines of passion,
grace and spirit.

Using natural and gentle winemaking, with minimal intervention, we strive for high quality, handmade
wines of individuality and complexity. All our fruit is hand-picked, and hand-sorted before being
whole-bunch pressed. Our wines are naturally fermented, using wild yeasts indigenous to the winery,
to give greater interest and individuality to our wines.

The owner is Michael Seresin, who left his native New Zealand in 1966 to pursue a career as a
freelance camera assistant in Europe. After 18 months Michael had graduated to lighting camera status
and by 1972 was cinematographer on the film Bugsy Malone. Then followed Midnight Express and
many more including Shoot the Moon, Angel Heart, Mercury Rising, Angela’s Ashes, Harry Potter and
the Prisoner of Azkaban and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to be released in 2014. Michael has also
directed Homeboy with Mickey Rourke.

Michael had initiated the founding principle of Seresin Estate and Estate Manager, Colin Ross and
winemaker Clive Dougall enthusiastically follow these principles from vineyard through to bottled

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