Tenuta Carretta


Located in Piobesi d’Alba in the Roero region, Tenuta Carretta has been a cultivated estate since 1584.
Since being purchased in 1985 by the Miroglios, a Milanese textile family, the estate has been restored
to its former glory and now produces world class wines from holdings of around 70 ha which include
a precious share in the famous cru of “Cannubi”.

The name Carretta derives from the word “car”, which means stone, so it came naturally to give the
name Carretta to the nearby chalk bank that surfaces a few dozen metres from the entrance to the
Estate and runs east for about a kilometre.

The winery’s beating heart is Roero, an area of Piedmont situated in the north-east of Cuneo province.
It takes its name from the Roero family, which ruled over this territory for centuries from medieval
times on.

The most prestigious vineyards, where the Nebbiolo vines used to produce Barolo and Barbaresco
are grown, are to be found in the Langhe, a historic region of Piedmont spanning Cuneo and Asti
provinces, and bordering Monferrato and Roero. As well as its thriving service sector, the Langhe
is also famed for its wines, acclaimed the world over, particularly the reds, Barolo, Nebbiolo and
Barbaresco. Equally famous is the Alba white truffle, celebrated at a festival that takes place in Alba
every year and attracts thousands of visitors from far and near. Also grown everywhere is the Tonda
Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut, made famous by the confectionary products of the Ferrero company
in Alba.














2013 Roero Arneis Cayega
Silver – International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014
Three ½ Stars – Winestate March/April 2015

2016 Barbera d’Alba

2009 Barbaresco Garassino

2009 Barolo Vigneti Cannubi