M. Chapoutier

Cotes du Rhone

The name Chapoutier has been present in the Rhône Valley since 1808. Wine grower, wine maker and
wine lover, Michel Chapoutier is one of France’s most dynamic wine producers, championing biodynamic
viticulture and producing a consistent, impeccably high-quality range of wines from the prominent Northern
and Southern Rhône Valley appellations.

Michel Chapoutier is one of the most highly regarded winemakers in France. Since taking over his
family firm in 1990 at age 26, Michel Chapoutier has transformed the winery into the leading Rhône
Valley producer. He combines the modern and the traditional: crusading for biodynamic winemaking,
while expanding operations around the globe and experimenting with cutting edge winemaking

Under Michel’s leadership, dramatic changes brought world acclaim to his wines. He pruned back
the vineyards and boldly reduced yields from 35 or more hectoliters per hectare (2.6 tons per acre)
to 25 hectoliters per hectare (1.8 tons per acre) for both red and white wines. Michel went further,
launching a crusade against chemicals, fertilizers and sprays. He adopted biodynamic and organic
farming techniques in his estate vineyards, harvesting grapes by hand and using only natural yeasts to
produce unfiltered wines.

Today, M. Chapoutier is the only producer to own vineyards in all of the major Rhône appellations.
With Michel’s guidance, the family firm has become the benchmark Rhône wine








2014 La Ciboise Blanc

2014 La Ciboise Rouge

2014 Les Vignes de Bila Haut Côtes du Rousillon Villages

2014 Belleruche Rouge Côtes du Rhône
92 Points – By Ray Jordan 

2014 La Bernadine Châteauneuf du Pape
94 Points – By Ray Jordan

2013 Les Meysonniers Crozes-Hermitage

2006 Les Becasses Côte Rotie

2014 Muscat Beaumes De Venise



Selection Parcellaires

These wines are born from Chapoutier’s most venerable plots of vines which are for the most
part located on the Hill of Hermitage but there are also representatives from Côte-Rôtie, Crozes-
Hermitage, St Joseph and Châteauneuf du Pape. One notable curiosity is in the appellation naming;
as two of the appellations here – Ermitage and Crozes-Ermitage – seem to have each lost an important
consonant. According to Michel, this reflects the distinct and singular origin of the wines, each one
sourced from a specific plot on the hill. Wines which are blended across many lieux-dits – as is often
the cases with Hermitage, each plot traditionally regarded as contributing something unique to the
final blend – are eligible for Appellation Contrôlée Hermitage (the same is true for blending within
Crozes-Hermitage). Whereas those sourced from a single lieu-dit – including names familiar to any
committed drinker of these wines, such as Le Méal, Les Greffieux or L’Ermite apparently have the
option to be Ermitage (or Crozes-Ermitage) instead.

Although the range encompasses many of the major Rhône Valley appellations it is without doubt in
my mind those from Hermitage that provoke the greatest interest. These are Les Greffieux (running
along the bottom of the hill, behind the railway station and contiguous with the town), De L’Orée
(sourced from Les Murets, a lieu-dit at the eastern end of the Hermitage vineyards), Le Méal (above
Les Greffieux, running up the hill to the foot of Chapoutier’s little pied-à-terre), Le Pavillon (sourced
from within Les Bessards, perhaps the lieu-dit with the greatest reputation, and named for an old
pavilion) and L’Ermite (which lies behind Les Bessards and Le Méal). A number of these I tasted with
Michel, but – quite rightly – we did not ignore other appellations, including St Joseph, Côte-Rôtie
and Châteauneuf du Pape. The cuvées are unified not by terroir, which despite Michel’s self-confessed
preference for granite is in fact very varied once you get beyond Hermitage, but by viticulture, which
is biodynamic in every case.

Text courtesy of Chris Kissack, author of “The Wine Doctor” – www.thewinedoctor.com

2009 La Morderee Côte Rotie
18/20 Points – By Jancis Robinson

2008 La Morderee Côte Rotie

2007 La Morderee Côte Rotie
17.5/20 Points – By Jancis Robinson

2006 La Morderee Côte Rotie

2008 Les Granits St Joseph Rouge
17/20 Points – By Jancis Robinson

2008 L’Ermite Ermitage Rouge

2008 Les Greffieux Ermitage Rouge

2008 Le Meal Rouge

2008 Croix de Bois Châteauneuf Rouge
17.5/20 Points – By Jancis Robinson

2008 Côtes de Rousillon Rouge